Design Service

Custom Designs

WIMMIC is focused on the design of standard or custom MMICs for any required application in different technologies, such as GaN and GaAs. The expertise of our design team is also made accessible to our customers through our consulting services.

Defining the specification requirements

Our designers will work with you to identify the best solutions based on your technical needs. Our knowledge will help you get the best performance from our MMICs. Thanks to our experience with different technologies and foundries, we are able to define the best specifications and processes to work with.

Layout and simulation

WIMMIC believes that the layout of the design and the design simulation are the most critical parts of the design process. This is why our designers pay special attention to every detail to ensure the product’s reliability and performance.

Electromagnetic Analysis

The interactions between the different parts of a circuit are vital for its reliability and efficiency. We measure them by using the most advanced electromagnetic simulations.

Measuring our designs

WIMMIC strongly considers that measuring and testing our designs is as important as the design itself. This is why all our circuits are tested in our facilities to measure all types of performance characteristics.


At WIMMIC, packaging is considered an essential part of our design process.

Evaluation Boards

Providing the customer with a test device for the MMIC is an important part of our design service. Our evaluation boards are unique demonstrations and development platforms for our clients.

Technical Support

We provide the client with the necessary technical support so that our MMICs meet their objective. In addition, we provide application notes to facilitate the assembly of our products.

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WIMMIC is a reality thanks to the European Union SMEs policy. Our company received funding from Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under SME Instrument programme, grant agreement Nº 828346. WIMMIC also received funding from the European Regional Development Fund through EATIC 2018 – ACIISI Programme, Government of the Canary Islands.