WIMMIC is an organization dedicated to offer products and services of design of integrated circuits of RF (RFIC) and microwaves (MMIC) for the aerospace, communications and defense industry globally.

The general objective of WIMMIC is to establish itself from the Canary Islands as one of the 10 benchmark companies in the European panorama in our activity.

WIMMIC is committed to complying with the requirements of its clients and stakeholders, regulatory constraints, and all applicable legal requirements. To do this, it adopts continuous improvement in its processes by implementing a quality management and R&D system. The following commitments are established:

  • Develop and apply new technologies and methodologies that improve our technical capacity and product improvement.
  • Implement and maintain a Management System establishing the mechanisms that guarantee the continuous improvement of its effectiveness.
  • Promote a culture of R&D in the staff, promoting creativity and teamwork.
  • Properly exploit and protect the results of our R&D activities.
  • Management's commitment to the implementation of the Management System through the promotion of the necessary resources for its purpose.
  • Establish quality and R&D objectives that are challenging and ensure the continuous improvement of our work and its results.
  • Promote R&D opportunities in our field of activity

To this end, the Management considers motivation and training for Quality and R&D as priorities. This Policy serves as a frame of reference to establish and review the objectives of Quality and R&D and is therefore implemented, kept up to date, reviewed and communicated to all employees and stakeholders.

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, August 19th, 2019
The Management

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WIMMIC is a reality thanks to the European Union SMEs policy. Our company received funding from Horizon 2020 EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation under SME Instrument programme, grant agreement Nº 828346. WIMMIC also received funding from the European Regional Development Fund through EATIC 2018 – ACIISI Programme, Government of the Canary Islands.